About us

The company, E. GANZON, INC. (EGI), was registered with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) on October 26, 1982 as a construction services company headed by its President, Engr. Eulalio Ganzon, and is considered as one of the most progressive property development builders in the country ever since.

The company is presently engaged in construction and real estate development of its own properties as well as other properties in joint venture with other property owners. Its projects are mainly residential, commercial  and office condominium developments for sale, earning for itself the title of “Condominium Specialist” in the Philippines for innovations that it introduces in its condominium projects.

Since 1983, E. Ganzon, Inc. has been classified by the Philippine Construction Accreditation Board as aTriple “AAA” General Building and Engineering Construction Company due to its technical, equipment, financial, and organization strengths that the company has proven to advantage in the number of projects it had undertaken since it began.

The company has constructed of no less than 56 buildings in various proportions located in the country’s prime and significant districts, more particularly in Metro Manila area. Today, it has more projects being undertaken and even more projects in the planning stage that will keep the whole decade up to 2021 filled up, ranging from affordable condominiums to high-rise condominiums to more ambitious mixed-use commercial-hotel/residential complexes.

On September 21, 2005, E. Ganzon, Inc. was awarded the National award of ”Best Engineering Contractor”by the National Quality Excellence Awards, the National Council for Product and Service Quality and the Consumer Magazine, Inc. at the Manila Mandarin Hotel in Makati City.

Aside from these, E. Ganzon, Inc. has also embarked into the tourism business to contribute to the tourism program of the country by positioning itself in the hotel and resort or leisure market and even into the shopping mall business.

Today, the company offers complete development packages, a style that sets it apart from the others. It includes conceptual planning, feasibility or project studies, architectural and engineering services, construction, construction management, compliance on permits, licenses and other government regulatory requirements and marketing.


E. Ganzon, Inc. is committed to total quality and excellence in the processes and final outputs of various units in its group of companies, as it will always strive to bring out the best in its people innovative in new ways and solutions, to improve the quality of life of the clientele it serves.


Be the world class construction company and a leader in realty development, if not in size, in the quality of our products and services through the following key elements:

Employees with the skills, adaptablility, and sense of individual responsibility to succeed; Strong Business relationships; Management systems; Creative financial strategies; and Superior customer service

E. GANZON, INC. is a duly organized corporation under Philippine laws, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 26, 1982 as a construction services company.  If offers the whole gamut of general building and general engineering services such as civil works, structural, plumbing and sanitary, electrical, mechanical and other specialty works.

The depth of civil engineering experience of the company is borne out by decades of years of professional practice by the technical personnel of E. Ganzon, Inc., mostly consisting of engineers and architects in various lines of specialization and accomplishments in construction engineering. These experiences cover vertical and horizontal construction of structures such as residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels and resorts, subdivisions, industrial and factory buildings, warehouses, roads and other infrastructure facilities.

Currently, E. Ganzon, Inc. (EGI) has a highly trained and skilled pool of professionals in addition to its employees in other divisions and departments like finance, administration, marketing and property management.  EGI delivers, in terms of efficiency and quality construction work, to a large clientele and a satisfied customer base.  Its current projects now count, among others, two hotels in Mindoro and Cavite, Ilocos Norte, Baguio, Manila and Cebu, a tertiary hospital in Kalibo, Aklan as well as an apartment building in the University Belt.  Due to its innovation in engineering works and in their implementation, more and more clients are beating the path to EGI’s door.

It’s latest projects with Partners include the Condomium South Insula, West Insula Condominium and the Pamulinawen Hotel.

EGI has through the year’s initiated/developed improvements in the methodology of building construction that has enabled many clients to save on construction time, avoiding costly delays.  Its efficiency in construction, offering clients the luxury of free design and value engineering, has enabled many more to save on precious cash to be used for operating their projects.

EGI maintains a 3.7 hectare warehouse and fabrication plant, a respectable array of equipments, tools and hauling vehicles, a loyal host of suppliers, subcontractors and fabricators to ensure that contracts are accomplished in accordance with plans, specifications and agreed timetables.  In the field, EGI may hire skilled, semi-skilled, and other workers under a proven, mobile organization that it has adopted many years ago in the past to deliver performance with excellence worthy of its status as a Triple “AAA” contractor.